Father and son hunting

Rangeley’s vast forestlands and abundant wildlife
are a hunter’s paradise.

What can I hunt near Rangeley?

The Rangeley Lakes Region is home to healthy populations of moose, deer, and bear, plus waterfowl and upland birds including woodcock, grouse, and sea ducks. You’ll enjoy the thrill of the hunt while traversing some of the most beautiful terrain in New England. Click here for harvest information from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; Rangeley is in the center of Zone 7.

Where can I hunt?

Rangeley is surrounded by endless wilderness. Most of it is privately owned, but Maine law allows hunters to access private land if it is not posted with signs that prohibit hunting. By tradition, Maine hunters ask permission before hunting on someone else’s land. This ensures safety and future access. Hunting near homes and village centers is strongly discouraged and, in some places, illegal. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Can I hire a guide?

Yes. Rangeley has the largest organization of Registered Maine Guides in Western Maine. These outdoor experts are licensed through a rigorous demonstration of their knowledge, skills, and ethics. They’ll teach you everything, starting with the basics. They also share local knowledge with experienced hunters. Different guides specialize in different species and styles of hunting. Rangeley Region Sports Shop offers bird hunting trips. They and River’s Edge Sport Shop can connect you with guides for deer, moose, and bear.

Where can I get supplies and local tips?

River’s Edge Sport Shop in the village of Oquossoc carries everything you’ll need for a great day in the woods, no matter what type of hunting you’re doing. They have knowledgeable staff people who can suggest where to go and connect you with local guides.

Do I need a license?

Yes, Maine requires nearly all hunters to have a license. These can be purchased online or at River’s Edge Sport Shop, which is also the local tagging station. Maine requires license applicants to complete a one-time hunter safety course. Click here for more information about these guidelines.

When can I hunt?

Moose, deer, and bear hunting is allowed in late summer through fall. The seasons for birds and other species vary. Click here for season dates and bag limits. Please note that hunting on Sundays is illegal in Maine.