7 Best Instagram Places in Rangeley

Fill your feed with envy inducing shots
of summits, waterfalls, and adrenaline.

Saddleback Summit

Show off your hiking cred with a celebratory snap atop one of Rangeley’s high peaks. Tyler Shapiro captured this Instagram pic at the summit of Saddleback Mountain, along the Appalachian Trail, in August 2017.

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Saddleback Mt summit
Photo by Tyler Shapiro

Smalls Falls

This popular waterfall provides endless photo ops. Isaiah Wilson McFarlane captured this enchanting image in 2018. “I go to Smalls Falls to cliff jump 2-3 times a week and this felt like an angle of the falls that is never photographed because less people cross the river to jump.”

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Smalls Falls
Photo by Isaiah Wilson McFarlane

Height of Land

The Height of Land overlook on Route 17 is “one of the most picturesque places in Maine and perhaps all of New England,” according to TripSavvy.com. Capture expansive views of the Rangeley Lakes and the mountains beyond. Josh Mosher found a unique way to frame the view in this Insta pic from 2017.

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Height of Land
Photo by Josh Moshen

Mooselookmeguntic Lake

“‘Moose’ wuh?” This tongue-twister lake is the perfect background for any Instagram picture. Photographer Stephen Sheffield of Cohasset, Massachusetts captured this image of his son at sunset. “My family has been summering on the lake since 1958 and all generations since believe it to be the most magical place in earth.” See more of Sheffield’s work at StephenSheffield.com.

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Photo by Stephen Sheffield


Bald Mountain Observation Tower

Breathtaking views plus a climbable tower make Bald Mountain’s summit one of the most Instagram-ed places in Rangeley. Photographer Jennie Luna captured this picture in 2020. “[My family and I] had such an amazing day hiking Bald Mountain this past February… The view from the tower was breathtaking…Days like these make my heart sing.” See more of Luna’s work at jlunaphoto.com

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Hikers on Bald Mountain Observation Tower
Photo by Jennie Luna

Coos Canyon

Coos Canyon is an Instagram-twofer: a natural gorge with tumbling waterfalls and wading pools, and an irresistible giant Adirondack. Daniel Hutchings snapped this photo of his wife, Justine, on a family road trip in 2019. He’s a Maine native who takes her, a newcomer, and their kids on sight-seeing adventures. “The fall season is our favorite time for these little trips so we can catch the foliage. …The sights are just amazing. You really can’t explain how beautiful it is.”

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Coos Canyon
Photo by Daniel Hutchings


On Your Board, Skis, or Sled

Rangeley is a year-round travel destination. In winter, skiers, boarders, and snowmobilers from across New England come for the trails, ski mountains, and consistently spectacular snow. Jesse Brangwynne’s 2020 selfie on Rangeley Lake captures the spirit of this winter playground. “Instead of dealing with one of the most crowded weekends of the year at Sugarloaf, we decided to use the snowmobile to tow us through a couple feet of fresh powder on the lake!”

Best Instagram places in Rangeley, Snowboarding on Rangeley Lake
Photo by Jesse Brangwynne


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