Waterfall Wonderland

Waterfalls in Maine - Smalls Falls
Smalls Falls. Photo by Kyle Haley

The mountains and rivers of the Rangeley region create some of the plentiful waterfalls in Maine.

Smalls Falls

Smalls Falls (above) are a series of multiple falls along the Sandy River, 12 miles south of Rangeley. They are some of the longest waterfalls in Maine, running 900′ through a gorge with multiple waterfalls, chutes, and pools. The highlight is a 54′ fall that twists through sculpted rocks and plunges into a deep swim hole. Don’t miss the path to additional waterfalls along Chandler Mill Stream, just west of the main falls.

Smalls to the Wall - white water kayaking
Smalls to the Wall. Photo by Kyle Haley

In spring, when the water from melting snow gushes through the gorge, check out Smalls to the Wall, “Maine’s premier whitewater kayak steep creek race.” Watch a video of these daredevils here.

Smalls Falls are easily accessible from a comfortable rest area off Rt. 4, with picnic tables and views of the falls. “This may be New England’s finest rest area,” says NewEnglandWaterfalls.com. Click here for directions.

Coos Canyon

Waterfalls in Maine - Coos Canyon
Coos Canyon. Photo by Jacques B. Geoffroy

Coos Canyon is a geological mini-wonder. It’s a natural gorge along the Swift River with tumbling waterfalls and multiple wading pools. Conveniently, it is right beside Route 17, south of Rangeley. The roadside picnic area makes this a great lunch stop. You can even try your hand at panning for gold, first discovered here in the 1840s. A nearby gift shop rents pans, trowels, and other equipment. Click here for directions.

Angel Falls: One of the highest waterfalls in Maine

Waterfalls in Maine - Angel Falls
Angel Falls. Photo by Kyle Haley

Seven miles north of Coos Canyon, 90-foot Angel Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Maine. The 0.5 mile hike from the parking area is a short but fun climb that weaves back and forth across the stream leading to the fall. From downtown Rangeley, the drive to Angel Falls passes the Height of Land overlook, “…one of the most picturesque places in Maine and perhaps all of New England,” according to TripSavvy.com. Click here for directions and more information.

Cascade Stream Gorge

This 90′-deep gorge, 3 miles south of Rangeley, has a series of cascading waterfalls, chutes, and pools, and a one-mile loop trail with numerous turnoffs to view the falls and cool your feet in the crystal clear mountain water. Click here for directions and more information.

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